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January 11, 2008

Fisker Karma Debut in Detroit

Saw this story about the Fisker Karma and had to comment. I'm cautiously optimistic that they will deliver as announced. It seemingly came out of nowhere in a very short amount of time. Last I heard Fisker had just finished the two BMW and Mercedes based coachbuild series, and was starting on a new car project.

It's a gorgeous set of photos. I wonder how much regenerative braking it will do. There are some mighty big conventional disc brakes behind those wheels. Anyway, it reminds me of the BMW Concept CS car shown in Shanghai and I would love to see it on the road before 2010.

Even more significant, I want to see independent companies successfully producing electric cars, which would mean the commercial availability of electric powertrains. That would be a huge boost to the industry. And it would take away many of the reasons the established manufacturers have not built electric cars on a large scale.

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