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February 26, 2008

Loremo Poised For Success

Of all the so-called “green” cars that are projected to reach production within the next 2 to 3 years, I think the Loremo (Low Resistance Mobile) has one of the better chances of actually making it to market.

Why? Because it’s been in the works for nearly 8 years, uses mostly existing technology and does not depend on the development of any electrical or alternative fuels technology. The car is based on the concept of using very low weight, somewhat unconventional packaging, and reducing power and thus fuel consumption.

It’s projected to attain 150 mpg running on diesel. There is also an electric version in the works, but that’s to come a little later. They’re keeping it simple and light, two things I think are essential to the chances of any start up automobile manufacturer in today’s world.

Finally, they’re planning on being in the Automotive X Prize competition, hence one possible motive for developing an electric version. Electric power is one of the available energy sources for the competition.

Here’s some background reading on the company and the car:

Official Loremo Site
Wikipedia article
Jalopnik article

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