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April 6, 2008

F1 Notes – Bahrain

What’s this have to do with future transportation? There’ll be more relevant technology transfer between racing and road vehicles (both ways) as we go forward toward new generation vehicles. Besides, I just plain like racing and analyzing drivers. Here are some observations of today’s event:

Adrian Sutil has not done much with his time in F1, and I think it’s about to come to a close.

Sebastian Vettel has had some phenomenal races. So far this year he seems to have had a string of bad luck. Hopefully he’ll return to form soon.

When things are good he’s great. But Lewis Hamilton cracks under pressure. He had a rough day of his own making. We’ve seen on several occasions now when one thing goes wrong, whether it’s his fault or not, he falls down like a row of dominoes. Don’t know if his botched start was a technical issue or his fault but it wasn’t that bad until he rear ended Alonso. Then he almost fell off the road passing Fisichella’s Force India and had the temerity to gesture at him for holding him up even though they were, how do you say, racing for position. He needs to calm down. Especially in light of making a McLaren look like a Super Aguri today. The second year is often not as stellar as the first.

Of course, Alonso wasn’t exactly polite while racing Timo Glock for position either.

From the on-board camera, Jenson Button’s steering wheel was turned on way while his front wheels were pointed the other after the collision with David Coulthard. It was almost certain he wouldn’t make it out of the pits after.

Coulthard’s suspension held together better than the last race.

Force India color scheme looks a lot like McLaren’s. Hard to tell the two apart unless up close.

Speed’s Bob Varsha says Nick Heidfeld is “Mr. Under-the-Radar this year”. Could probably expand that to include his whole F1 career.

Kovalainen might outdo Hamilton this year. He’s fast and consistent. Seems low key too.

Mark Webber finished the race. Guess I’m used to his 2006 season when he only finished 7 of 18 races, or his 10 out of 17 last year. A lot were not his fault but he’s got a knack for driving for teams when they’re really unreliable.

Felipe Massa made good on the first 2 races. He’s very fast. Needs more consistency. Wonder what advice Michael Schumacher is giving him.

Kubica did very well to secure his and BMW’s first pole position, great finish.

Kimi not so much into pomegranate fruit drink as a Champaign substitute on the podium, as expressionless finishing second as he is when he wins - my pick for the title again this year.

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