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October 16, 2008

Gordon Murray Design T-25 City Car

Gordon Murray's firm is finishing the design of their "city" car, the T-25. The firm plans to license the design to other maufacturers. The claims are that the car will revolutionize mobility and drastically reduce lifecycle environmental impact.
So far it certainly seems to have the potential to do so.

I'm not sure how the car could fit in half a lane to allow two to drive alongside one another, but parking and driving all appear to easily meet the claims .

From looking at the silhouette and dioramas it appears that the car could be used as its own container for transit from the factory to destination. It appears that the front end structure could be a module that could be placed inside the vehicle for shipment, and then bolted to the car once delivered.

FYI Gordon Murray is one of the greatest living automotive engineers, an exceptional lateral thinker. His F1 race car designs have won numerous world championships, the McLaren F1 road car he designed in the early 1990's is still one of the greatest cars by today's standards, and his innovations are numerous. The T-25 will surely become one more feather in an already crowded cap.

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