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November 11, 2009

Stating The Obvious

Actually, it's important that this angle is examined more carefully. Judging by the number of prototypes unveiled that look like a Pontiac Aztek on a bad day, it's quite obvious that it has never occurred to many startups and EV-wannabes that design is make-or-break.

This is true of all cars but especially so with EVs because of the current (no pun intended) sacrifices that buyers have to make compared with gas-powered cars due to technical limitations. Design is critical.

The early adopters are going to be people who are passionate about cars and electric power. Tesla nailed the style side of it compared with all other EV entries to-date - and it's still anybody's guess if they'll succeed in the long-term (I hope they do).

There's no place in the world for ugly electric cars.

[Source: AutoBlogGreen]



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