Auto Manifesto

March 7, 2008

MIT RoboScooter

This type of vehicle is going to play a major role in urban transportation in the future. All the technology is already here, well understood, and most importantly it's usable.

Scooters don't have to go very far, very fast, and they're light. Those factors combined make them one of the most practical applications for battery power which has far lower energy density than gasoline. Yet they're simple. The article brings up a good point about the perception that EVs won't be ready until they "have the range to travel cross-country", which is a stumbling block of perception and not available technology if we focus on using different modes of transportation for different types of trips. One size does not fit all, and scooters are well matched with present EV constraints.

The more advanced features discussed in the article such as folding frames and computer controlled wheels can wait. If simplicity and clean mobility is desired why not release this right now and start developing a market for them?

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