Auto Manifesto

April 14, 2008

Six Miles of Wonder

New mid-day routine: I’ve started bike riding at lunch now. By doing so I’m breaking the workday into two halves. During the break I typically ride about 20 to 25 minutes and cover six miles.

Much of the time the weather here is hospitable (enough) to bike. I ride year round. It’s relaxing, I don’t think about work while I’m out and I come back refreshed, hit the shower, eat lunch and I’m ready to do another half day at elevated productivity levels. In other words, working two half-days in one day is more productive than working one regular day.

It’s a wonder why more people don’t bike. It works great and takes away from traffic and congestion. And by the end of the day I have more energy than if I hadn’t gone on the ride. If only more people knew how good it is…. Quite possibly the best kept secret in transportation.

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