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October 20, 2008

BMW Mini E Announced

BMW will launch an electric version of the Mini at next month's LA Auto Show. There will be a limited run of 500 units for the US market. The quick stats are that it has a 150 mile range (probably with a lightfoot), has a one speed transmission, and is limited to a top speed of 95 mph.

This is a pure electric. There is no engine. It's also a two seater since the backseat of the gasonline version has given way to a large lithium ion battery pack. The car also gained about 600 to 700 lbs in the conversion from gasoline power, now weighing about 3,200 lbs.

Seems like an interesting city car. Also, it'll come with a quick charging station for home garages which will enable a quick 2.5 hour full charge.

More info here:

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