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February 25, 2009

Racing Will Scale Down to New Heights

Think about the problems faced by motorsport. Falling sponsorship revenue. Skyrocketing costs. Environmental issues, real and perceived. The sum of those issues results in an activity that is unsustainable. It simply can't remain that way and survive. Witness the radical adjustments being made by Formula 1 and NASCAR, the two biggest series in the world.

The future of racing lies not in expanding to more and larger race tracks that can accommodate a hundred thousand fans traveling from far away to attend. It's not in increasing team budgets to hundreds of millions of dollars per year. It's not in jetsetting around the world tons and tons of freight in order to put on a show. And it's not in counting on hundreds of millions of people tuning in to watch a few dozen cars race at the same time on TV.

The future of racing is in smaller events and smaller venues. Compared with today it will cost just a fraction of current budgets to put on a show. These events will take place closer to where the fans live. There will be more drivers and more participation, and more opportunities for exposure when combined with new media.

And the action will be even better. Check out this action packed on-board video from one of my club events (turn up the volume):

More video and pictures are available here:

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