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July 1, 2009

Driver Training Idea

Following up on my previous post, an emergency situation is no time to learn how to handle it. Drivers should be trained ahead of time how to deal with evasive maneuvers in safe, controlled conditions. Maybe this has been done before, but I'm
not aware of it.

We've all seen a lot of bad driving. If manufacturers (or dealerships) offerred safety clinics or driving classes they could help enhance public safety and bring more traffic to their showrooms.

Hyundai is guaranteeing fuel prices for a year. A few manufacturers will subsidize your car payments if you lose your job. How about manufacturers teaching people to drive better while providing them a chance to test drive the cars?

This might work well if done in conjunction with a motor club (AAA) and an auto insurer. Maybe those who successfully complete the program could also get a discount on their insurance rates?

Just a thought.

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