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July 1, 2009

Out-of-the-Box Aston-Martin

AM has explored a number of distinctive avenues since Dave Richards and Prodrive have taken over the reins. First there was the Rapide, the first A-M 4 door. Then the London bus project, the Lagonda SUV, and now a city car.

The city car is based on the Toyota iQ's underpinnings. Automotive News reports A-M will not actually make any changes other than interior trim and a new fascia; no mechanical changes. The company plans to build 2,000 units a year and sell first
only to existing clients.

The article alludes to this being a means by which A-M can raise its average unit fuel economy. Talk about unintended regulatory consequences. If that's true it will also raise the total A-M footprint.

In light of the macro picture, the goal should be to reduce the carbon footprint of real A-M cars, even if only a modest amount. That would produce a better environmental outcome by far.

Source: Automotive New (subscription required)

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