Auto Manifesto

April 15, 2008

Following up on my previous post, there’s a whole lot of development going on with infrastructure, navigation, and communication.

Clearflow launched last week. They’re using predictive algorithms to predict traffic conditions and best routes/times:

Then we have another story about eight radio broadcast companies coming together to form the Broadcaster Traffic Consortium to include traffic and digital maps in the HD radio spectrum. Read more here:

Finally, we’ve got BMW’s partnership with Google to input your frequent driving destinations into your navigation system like speed dial telephone numbers in your phone:

The number of moves afoot to provide improved traffic and congestion information is impressive. While all this is a boon to the battle against congestion, I’d like to see more emphasis placed on reducing traffic in general by people planning their trips better, increasing flex work hours and telecommuting, and alternative modes of transportation such as rail, buses, and bicycles.

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