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April 16, 2008

Curbing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The Wall Street Journal (among other sources) reports that President Bush is proposing to halt grown in carbon dioxide emissions by the year 2025, not with specific legislation but to influence broader policy to move in that direction. There will be emphasis on the power industry which produces approximately 40% of US CO2 emissions. Seems to me that this is vital in order to work toward uniform, national legislation on this front-and-center issue rather than run the risk of a state regulatory patchwork that we literally cannot afford.

It makes a lot of sense. Don’t know if it’s going to be enough, but it makes sense. Especially focusing on power generation since it is technically and administratively a lot more feasible to regulate than mobile sources (see my thoughts on rolling chemistry sets).

And within that time frame it is likely that vehicles will have shifted significantly to off-board power generation in the form of battery electric vehicles (or maybe even somehow to hydrogen).

It is also expected that any agreement will also have to include other major emitters such as China and India to help ensure a more level playing field for all involved.

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